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02/05/2020 | by goodmangroup | News/General Info Vacation Rentals

Since the advent of the internet, booking vacations has been a breeze! With the click of a few buttons, you can find the perfect destination for a getaway in luxurious accommodations such as Scottsdale Park Suites. As a result of this ease of access, things can get tricky on where to get the best deal. Well, we are here to tell you – Book Direct from the property.

Did you know that 70% of customers think ‘Book A Room’ on Google goes directly to the hotel or vacation spot? Hint: it doesn’t.

Google entered the travel industry in 2010 by displaying all hotel prices on Google Maps, and in 2016 expanded that by ranking the local listings based on availability through an OTA (online travel agency). This means, if a room is for a specific date is not advertised with an OTA then that hotels ranking drops on Google Maps below competitors that have their availability advertised. This is similar to how TripAdvisor does their listings.

Google’s Hotel Listing

Now most organizations do utilize an Online Travel Agency in some fashion or another, however if you book through these agencies – including google – then you are likely to pay 15-18% more than if you booked directly through the hotel website. This translates to roughly 18 cents on each dollar for rooms booked through an OTA.

OTA’s You May Be Familiar With

You will always find the lowest available price here at for Scottsdale Park Suites rooms. In addition to the best pricing, you have the luxury of communicating with us directly. When booking through Google or another OTA you are using a middleman.  This becomes problematic when issues arise with travel such as changes, delays or cancellations. Often organizations also offer exclusive benefits or specials when booking directly.

Book your vacation at Scottsdale Park Suites here and get the lowest rate, no service fees, and personalized service from our staff!

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